Steps in using our services

We use an advanced online system (ARCHER) to interact with all our clients and partners. Archer has inbuilt Questionnaires, Message Box, and Documents Uploader, which enables us to collect information and provide services in the shortest timeframe possible.

Please follow the steps below to engage with our services.

  • 1. Create your personalized account
  • Sign up to our online portal through our website or using link
  • You will receive a username and password via email.
  • 2. Provide Information and Documents
  • Log in the My Portal and complete the application; make sure to provide the information in the complete details and honestly.
  • Upload the requested documents in MY DOCUMENTS Tab.
  • You should provide all the requested documents marked RED.

  • 3. Send questions through Message Portal
  • If you have any question, concerns or inquiries, you can send us messages or questions through MESSAGES Tab.
  • 4. Provide further requested information
  • Keen an eye on MY Portal for further messages for updates and further required information.

  • 5. Select Course from Proposed options
  • We will send you a list of offered courses after receiving all the information.
  • Advise us about the selected option visa message box, and we will contact the Education provider.
  • 6. Offer Letter issued
  • The Education provider will issue an offer letter.

  • 7. Pay Tuition and other associated fee
  • The Education Provider will issue the Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) after the payment is made.
  1. 8. Application lodged
  2. We will prepare and lodge the student visa application.

  • 9. Medical Examination
  • You will receive instructions about completing a Health Examination with an authorized Clinic/hospital in your local area.
  • 10. Wait for Decision
  • We will keep you updated on the progress of your visa application through the portal.

  • 11. Prepare to Travel
  • Book flight/Accommodation etc.
  • You can always contact us with any questions/issues through our online portal.